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    Mr. Schooley
    Room 207 
    Business Education
    Email: tracy_schooley@abss.k12.nc.us
    Phone: 336-570-6195


    Greetings and welcome to my website where we will take this wonderful journey together in preparing your son or daughter to make money and make good sound decisions as they progress through life beginning now.  Our process is simple, first we begin in 6th grade with content centered around making them aware of the need to begin the process of choosing a career or finding direction.  In 7th grade we offer a more in-depth keyboarding class that incorporates all keys.  In addition, students will learn how to create flyers and other types of media using Microsoft Word and Publisher.    In 8th grade our curriculum focuses on Advanced Productivity Programs and is more advanced than the first Quarter of the semester.   We start with MS Excel the Spreadsheet Software used widely in many business processes and even in homes to do budgeting and various accounting practices.  Please note:  If you, as a parent, are looking to improve your keyboarding skills, your son or daughter will have the complete course on their FLASH DRIVE (7 Grade Only).  You can learn how to keyboard with exceptional accuracy and confidence...no more one finger typing.

    Mr. Schooley
    Business Education Teacher   
    Updated 3/22/2019