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    Ms. Johnson
    Room 101
    Elective Teacher
    Phone: 579-6195
    I will be available from 8:00 to 10:15 and after school.  I can also do after school tutoring.
    For class, students need to have a notebook of some kind. It can be a spiral notebook, a binder, a loose-leaf paper notebook.  They have to have a notebook of some kind to take notes with.  If they do not have this, their planner will need to be signed, and it will be points off their grade for the notes that they do not take.
    They also need for class a pen, pencil, and a Spanish-English dictionary.
    Big idea 6th grade-they need to learn the months.
    7th grade-they need to learn cognates (words that are similar in Spanish and English)
    8th grade-they need to learn the present tense of verbs and apply these verbs in a sentence.
    First due date is the first notebook check (I check to make sure they have a notebook and are taking notes) on September 3.
    Homework-All grades please make a list of as many vocabulary words that you know in Spanish.  If you can write sentences in Spanish, go for it.


    This is my 10th year teaching at Liberty Elementary and my 5th year teaching third grade. It is exciting to see my student's progress throughout the year and I ALWAYS encourage parent involvement. Please feel free to email me with any questions and/or concerns.