• Learning is Fun Welcome to First Grade!
                Mr. Agner 
                Room 103
                First grade
                Email: james_agner@abss.k12.nc.us 


    This is my 23rd year teaching at Elon Elementary.  Every year has been teaching either Kindergarten or First Grade.  I have a wonderful wife and 4 fantastic boys.  I love to read to kids and for my own pleasure.  I love to visit the beach and the mountains.  I have a large extended family, most of which live locally, but some reaching as far out as South America and Australia.  I love to eat and cook and I spend most of my spare time with my family or my church.
    We are excited to be a Global School here at Elon.  Our region for First Grade is Asia. 
    Come say "Hello" at the Meet the Teacher this Thursday anywhere between 2-4:00 pm.  You can find me here, and Mrs. Canaday will be visiting between the 1st grade classes she is helping with, not to mention all our new friends.
    Mr. Agner and Mrs. Canaday's Class 2017-2018

    Jasmine B

    Penelope B

    Sophia C

    Samuel G

    Autumn K

    Harry L

    Chad M

    Davion M

    Jackson M

    Yadiel P

    Derek P

    Anora R

    Sam S

    Aleia T

    Chloe T

    Kayveon T

    Reign W 

    Optional Items - Wish List

    …for Mr. Agner’s Classroom  (Big & Little Items)

    ·       Items to display for our class from Asia…any of the 50 countries

    ·       Clorox Wipes


    ·       Gallon Zip Lock bags

    ·       Good pair of speakers to hook up to the Smartboard’s computer

    ·       I have a small laminator, but could use some of the laminating packets (Scotch Thermal Laminator Pouches 8 ½ x 11), can find them at Office Depot.

    ·       A cordless rechargeable sweeper or SMALL vacuum cleaner for the rug

    ·       A swifter

    ·       Air purifier

    ·       Febreze or air fresheners (plug in or regular solid or spray)

    ·       Colored Copy Paper & Cardstock, white copy paper

    ·       Skittles, M&M’s of any kind, Suckers, or any Individually wrapped candy for our Treat Jar

    ·       Any small toys/surprises we can use in our Surprise Box (Happy Meal type toys are great)

    ·       Sticky Tack or Tacky Tack or Sticky tabs to hang up class work, art, & calendar pieces on cinderblock wall

    ·       Wide Clear Tape with dispenser (2 inch or 3 inch or wider)

    ·       Gift Certificate to Wal-Mart, Target, Nature’s Emporium, or any stores for educational supplies or Pet Stores for Fish tank supplies

    ·       Magnetix (magnet building pieces)

    ·       BOOKS—children books…Gift certificates to any book stores, donations to spend on Scholastic book clubs, parents who buy books for their kids when we send home Scholastic book orders…we get points we can use to buy more books

    ·       Children’s Books with read-a-long CD’s

    ·       I-tune cards for apps for I-pad

    ·       Wireless Mouse (Mice)

    ·       Printer Ink Cartridges:  Canon 240XL black,  Canon 241 XL color

    ·       Avery File Folder Labels/stickers for the Computer/Printer

            A GOOD stapler