Sailing into Smith's Second Grade Class

    Lori Smith
    I want to take a moment to introduce myself to you. I was born in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Through a teaching exchange program I was fortunate to have the opportunity to move to teach in North Carolina.  I have lived in Mebane for fifteen years and am glad to be part of the community. I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Psychology from the University of Prince Edward Island, Canada and my Bachelor of Education degree from the University of New Brunswick, Canada. I became Nationally Board Certified in 2009. I have been a teacher at Garrett Elementary for thirteen years and love everything about this school! I taught first, fourth grade, and third grade.  I am very excited and look forward to teaching second grade again this year.  I look forward to the many new experiences. Every year has been exciting and memorable.
    It is exciting to see my student's progress throughout the year and I ALWAYS encourage parent involvement. Please feel free to email me with any questions and/or concerns.
    In my classroom, I promote an atmosphere of safety, trust, and respect. I work hard to build a sense of community among my students, and I emphasize the idea of teamwork. I value cooperation and collaboration both in my classroom and as I work with my peers. I hold high expectations of each child and encourage them to work to their potential.  I believe that great things can happen when we work together! Thank you for your support and I can’t wait for a wonderful year!
    Lori Smith
    Second Grade Teacher, NBCT
    Room C-114 
    Phone: 919-563-2088