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    Ms. Merritt
    Room 129
    8th Grade Science
    Email: stephanie_merritt@abss.k12.nc.us
    Phone: 336-570-6460

    Dear Eight Graders and Parents,

    Welcome to your last year of middle school and to eighth grade science.

    Like many of you, I am enjoying the slower pace of summer, but at the same time, I eagerly anticipate getting to know you, the students and parents as individuals. I have already begun preparing for this fall. I look forward to seeing what we will create together this year.

    Our science program builds on the student’s past experiences, taking into consideration the expectations to be faced in high school, college and beyond. In the background of everything we do this year is the question: What makes a life fulfilled and useful? Related questions for you to consider are: What is my relationship with the natural world? What is my connection to other people, past, present and future (my family, friends, community, nation and global family)? What is my authentic self expression? Finally, what are we as a group committed to creating this year together that will be a contribution to the planet?