• books Computer Programming 1 & 2
    Mr. Stecker
    Room 220
    Email: tim_stecker@abss.k12.nc.us 

    After 11 years teaching various technology, business, and programming courses at Western, I am pleased to start my 2nd year of Computer Programming 1 and 2 (Visual Basic and C#) here at the Tech Center. 

    Computer Programming 1 (Visual Basic) and Computer Programming 2 (C#) both will be offered as Honors courses starting with the 2013 school year. The student will need to commit within the first 10 days to Regular or Honors and once selected cannot be changed.  Each class could have a mixture and the Honors student will be challenged and held to a higher standard of rigor.

    Office Hours:
    Due to the nature of the CTEC and transportation to/from the home school, it is difficult for the kids to come in early or stay late for extra help on occasion. My personal goal is to always be here by 7:30 for the morning students and stay until at least 4:00 for the afternoon students. Obviously, this puts transportation responsibility on the student/parent.  If additional time(s) are needed, I am open to planning other times upon request.