• Welcome to Western High School 2020-2021!!!!
    Coach Perry
    Freshman Health/PE, Sports Ed. 1, Sports Ed. 2, Physical Fitness
    Email: mary_perry@abss.k12.nc.us


    Hello! My name is Katie Perry, and no I can't sing (;)). I am anxious to start my 15th year as a Physical Education and Health teacher at WA! Western has been my home for quite some time and I look forward to new beginnings each year. As an alumni I know Western very well and am familiar with every aspect of the campus. I am willing to go above and beyond to make sure that every student I have the pleasure of meeting has the same great experience being a WARRIOR as I did.  I have been a volleyball and softball coach in the years passed and now have hte pleasure of coaching our Women's Golf Team, as well as serve as the Dream Team advisor.

    I know that this year, everyone is more nervous due to the circumstances, but I promise that we will get through this semester successfully together! This is our new normal for the time being and we have to embrace it with a fully open mind of new ways to learn! Most of the information that you will need will be displayed and covered in Canvas, which will be our Virtual Learning Platform for the beginning of this semester. To get to Canvas you will go in through NC Edcloud (same place as power school). It is located on the left side of the school's Home Webpage. You will access Canvas from there. The username and passwords are specific to your personal identification as a student. Your username is your Student ID number/lunch number and your password is specific to you. 

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have! I prefer to communicate via email because it is the quickest way for me. I will be working from home this semester, so I will not have access to a school phone. IF, you feel that you need to have a converstaion, I will be happy to set up a Google Meet or Zoom Conference. I look forward to meeting everyone soon! 



    My Schedule for 1st Semester: 

    8-9 am daily and Monday, Wed., Thursday and Friday 2:30- 3:15 pm: Office Hours 

    1st block : PE/Health (Zoom/Canvas) 9-10 am

    2nd block: Sports Ed 1: (Zoom/Canvas) 10:15-11:15

    LUNCH: 11:15-12pm

    3rd Block: PE/Health (Zoom/Canvas) 12-1 pm

    4th Block: Planning 1:15-2:15