WORLD HISTORY — Honors
    Mr. Mark Byers
    Room B-5
    Spring 2020 semester, FIRST and FOURTH periods
    Email: mark_byers@abss.k12.nc.us

    This is my nineteenth year teaching Social Studies at Western Alamance High School.  I will bring a high level of enthusiasm and preparation to the class as well as academic preparation.  I have a B.A. in History from the Pennsylvania State University, as well as a M.A. in European History from the same great institution.  I also have a M.Div. from "a former career" (wink, wink, nod, nod) and a plethora of education courses from A.C.C. and Elon University from the time when I was preparing for my teacher certification.  This somewhat-narcissistic selfie (above)  attempts to show some of my interests in just one picture.  How many can you spot in the picture or in class?
    For this semester, you can prepare for class with the following supplies: a 1- 1/2 inch three-ring binder, three-hole note paper, several writing utensils (pen or pencil is fine), a packet of colored pencils for map work (8 colors is enough), earbuds for in-class laptop use, a paper (not nylon or plastic) textbook cover will also be needed (I will explain how to adapt a simple brown paper grocery bag), and you will need to subscribe to our Google Classroom page.
  • Course Syllabus

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  • Class Guidelines

    For best results, please consult the classroom guidelines on this PDF-file.  Take note too of the "Alternative Grading Scale" and other classroom policies.

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  • Course Outline

    This is a colorized chart of the course for the entire semester.  I suggest (!) that you print this out and keep it close for reference.  ALL major assignments ar included.

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  • Main course due dates

    There are several major assignments for this semester.  In order to best prepare for these, I have planned the major due dates and checkpoints for these assignments.  This handout has all of those dates as well as the library preparations days connected to those assignments.  These dates will not be changed except under extreme conditions.  Plan ahead to use these as best as possible.

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  • Magi-Monday material

    Throughout the course, a series of vocabulary lists and quizzes will expand the student's sense of the English language.  Each list will be accompanied by a significant story about a famous woman in history.  This handout gives the dates the lists and stories will become available as well as the dates for the MAGI-QUIZ.

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  • Person/Event Paper guidelines

    The Person/Event Papers will be a major component of the class work and focus.  The guidelines are included here.  They are very specific and students need to be fully aware of the expectations.  Begin work on your paper by noting these expectations...and following them.

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  • Pre-approved topics for Person/Event Papers

    For the extensive research-based Person-Event Papers, students are free to choose almost any topic from the specific time-period.  The topic selection is usually only limited by available research materials.  While our library is fairly well-equipped, students should also feel free to use the downtown May Memorial Library and the Elon University Library as well.  This PDF-file lists pre-approved topics that students can choose...based on available resources available ONLY in the Western Alamance High School Library.  No more than ONE student will be researching a specific topic at any one time in order to prevent unnecessary competition for resources.  Students are ENCOURAGED to use any other available resource -- although it is suggested that they consult with Mr. Byers in the event of any possible questions or for clarification.
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  • Research notes template

    In order to assist in the research process, I have designed a functional note-taking sheet.  This PDF-file can be frequently down-loaded and printed for student use in research.  Additional copies can be obtained in class well.
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  • Research Paper Guidelines for Mr. Byers' papers -- Spring 2020

    This extensive COLORIZED handout gives Mr. Byers' expectations for all Person/Event Papers due during this semester.  It is modelled on the Chicago Manual of Style (17th-Edition) and serves as the required guidelines (and grading expectations) for the course.  Students MUST conform their writing to these expectations.  A non-color version will be available in class.

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  • P/E Paper format changes for Word 2010 and Word 2016

    The color-PDF will guide you through the necessary steps to altering the default setting for Word 2010 and Word 2016 that are necessary to comply with Mr. Byers specifications for his P/E Papers.

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  • "120 Seconds of History" guidelines

    This assignment is intended to be a well-researched in-class presentation lasting 120 seconds in class.  It is like a serious "Show and Tell" project.  This PDF-file explains the assignment, presents the required components, and delineates the grading policy.

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  • MSL -- Final Exam Review Sheet

    This is a WORD-template for the Final Exam Review Sheets that all students are to prepare.  Type review material into the various boxes as indicated.  If necessary, adjust the size of the boxes or the font size so that ALL of the information remains on a single page  ONLY use one side -- so edit well and concisely.  (You should FILL this page to be an adequate help to others.)  These sheets will be copied and printed for all students to use in review for the NC-state Final Exam.

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    End of the revised marking period

    The end of our revised marking period is just days away!  I have just recently updated a large number of grades...with still more to go (including the Essays for the Unit 2-A Exam).  While some adjustments will still be made, you MUST make sure that you have submitted all assignments that CAN be submitted.  With no in-person contact possible, your MUST take the initiative and contact me by Email!  In particular, there are MANY Achieve3000 articles that have NOT been completed.  They will receive a 0%...if they remain uncompleted.  Do them!  Remember that the "grade" is the first activity grade + 10%.  I will also be moving the due dates of some assignments from the first marking period to the second nine week marking period.  As well, many future (planned) assignments will be cancelled or significantly re-formatted.  Pay close attention! 

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