• Supplies needed3-ring binder     Pencil     Paper & Graph Paper     Graphing Calculator


    Classroom Rules while using Zoom:

    JOIN: When you enter the class meeting, make sure you are in a distraction free, quiet place. 


    MUTE: As soon as you join the class meeting, please mute your microphone.  If you are called on to answer a question, you may unmute your microphone and then mute it again when you are finished.


    COME PREPARED: Come to the class meeting prepared.  Be sure to have your notebook/binder and a pencil so we can begin our class as quickly as possible.


    QUESTIONS: If you have a question/comment during class, please type in the chat box or use the RAISE HAND feature.  Please wait until I call on you to ask your question.

    • Be on time
    • Mute your microphone if you aren’t talking
    • Keep the chat open & only post chat messages relevant to the lessons
    • Pay attention
    • Use your real name


    Grades will be housed on an online grade book program called PowerSchool.  This is where you should check your grade.  


    Sending in work:

    1. Label your work.
    2. Show your work to get full credit.
    3. Make sure your picture is visible before sending it in.
    4. If you are allowed to redo an assignment, you must communicate that it has been redone so that it can be regraded. If that is not communicated, it may not be regraded.


    Communicate: Participate.  Ask questions.  Stay involved.  Email and respond to emails.  To be successful in this course, you must be in class and prepared to learn and work every day to your full potential.

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