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    Mrs. Amy Soyars
    Room B7
    Social Studies Department Chair
    Email: amy_soyars@abss.k12.nc.us

    Civics is a course that is essential to understanding your government and your rights as American citizens. I take this class very seriously and I expect all my students to also take it seriously.. You will need to prepare to work and learn, not memorize Civics and Economics.

    Required materials:

    1.  2- inch- 3 ring notebook.
    2. Loose-leaf paper.
    3. Pencils and ink pens.
    4. Color pencils
    5. Index cards
    Class Rules and Expectations
      1. Be in the room and in your assigned seat when the bell rings. Make sure you have sharpened your pencil before the bell rings.
      2. Be prepared everyday with your textbook, notebook, and a writing utensil. I will take off points everyday you come into class unprepared. I sell pencils for 25 cents before class begins, if you need one.
      3. Respect the teacher, all other students, and adults in this class. Do not talk while I am talking or while another student is sharing.  Always raise your hand to be recognized.
      4. There will be no candy, drinks or book bags allowed in my room. If I find gum or gum wrappers on the floor, under a desk or in my bookshelves, gum will be banned also. Handbags are not allowed on your desk!

    Class Standards

    1.      You have to keep up with your notebook from the beginning of the semester to the end of the semester.  I will check your notebook at the end of the semester for neatness and to make sure you have kept up with notes and other class/homework. It will be 2 test grades.

    2.      You will have a test after every chapter and more than likely a quiz if reading was assigned as homework. Please be prepared to discuss the reading.

    3.      I will NOT accept late work!!!! You will earn a zero if an assignment is not in class on the day it is due. I will not take excuses. If you have a parent note explaining a family situation, then I will accept it the next school day.

    4.      You are responsible for getting any missed work due to an absence or a fieldtrip. Get the notes from a classmate. I keep extra worksheets on the front table. You will have 3 days to complete any missed work due to an absence, if you don’t turn it in on time, your grade will be a zero. If you miss a test, it will need to be made up after school on the designated day! If you fail to make arrangements with me- you will receive a zero for a test score.

    5.      Tutoring will be offered upon request on Wednesday or Thursday mornings at 7:45.