• beach 8th Grade Math
    Mr. Marinis
    Room J102
    Eighth grade Math
    Email: benjamin_marinis@abss.k12.nc.us
    Phone: 919-563-5303



    Zoom Conference for Remote Learning 2020 - Week 1

    (Please note that you will need to be signed into your student

    Google account in order to gain access)




    Marinis 8th grade math block 1 (8:30)


    Marinis 8th Grade Math - Block 2 (9:30)


    Marinis 8th Grade Math - Block 3 (12:00)


    Marinis 8th Grade math - Block 4 (1:00)

     **During remote learning, all student assignments will be delivered through the learning management system Canvas. Your teachers will explain how this will work during the first few Zoom Meetings.  Students can access Canvas through the ABSS Clever Portal.
    ** Parents/Guardians are encouraged to download the Canvas Parent Application on their smart device for full access to your child's learning.  You can find a Canvas Parent App guide here. (Spanish Versions)
    ** If you are using your personal computer, you may need to download the zoom application.  You will be prompted to do so when you try to join a meeting for the first time. Here is what it may look like. 
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