•      My name is Ms. Jefferson,      My name is Ms. Jefferson, it's hard to believe this is my 19th year here at Newlin.  We are starting the year in a different way, but I am looking forward to getting to know my students.    I have loved teaching each of my classes and hold them dear to my heart.   I received my education degree from Indiana State University, and went back several years ago to get my Masters Degree in Gifted Education.  I believe it is important to continue learning, and hope that my students also begin to love learning new information. 
          The students in my classroom are all unique learners, who have different needs when learning.  It is important to me that I find ways to reach my students, and get them excited about learning new things. Kindergarten is a foundational year, and I will work hard to make it a fun and engaging year.
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  • Giraffes Can't Dance

    Giraffes Can't Dance

    by Giles Andreae Year Published: 1999
    This book has such a great message to go with it.  Gerald the Giraffe learns that he must find his own beat if he want to learn to dance.  It is a powerful message of being kind to those who are different, and also not letting others tell you you can't do something.  I must read for all kids!
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  • Mrs. McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash

    Mrs. McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash

    by Sarah Weeks Year Published: 1998
    This story always makes me laugh.  Mrs. McNosh hangs up the most unusual wash.   This book is full of great rhymes which is a skill that we use in Kindergarten.
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  • Skippyjon Jones...Lost in Spice

    Skippyjon Jones...Lost in Spice

    by Judy Schachner Year Published: 2009
    Skippyjon Jones is a cat who thinks he is a dog.   He has a very active imagination which always leads him to an adventure.   This time he is Lost in Space and finds a new friend.
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  • The Flea's Sneeze

    The Flea's Sneeze

    by Lynn Downey Year Published: 2000
    I always connect with the poor flea in this story.  We have all had that sneeze that we knew was coming.   This is another great book for rhyming.
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