Andrews Elementary School Improvement

  • The 2021-2022 School Improvement Team: 


    Sabre Robinson, principal; Gena Crews, assistant principal; Lisa Barry-Black, MTSS interventionist; Julie Bethea, Grade 5 Teacher; Ashley Cook, Grade 1 Teacher; Elizabeth Estes, AIG Specialist; Elizabeth Gangitano, EC Teacher; Jamie Luciano, RtI Specialist; Kristen Martinez, Grade 3 Teacher; Natasha McLatchie, Grade 2 Teacher; Catherine Mills, Instructional Assistant; Ashley Price, School Counselor; Olga Ponce, parent; Lesleigh Roberson, K Teacher; Laura Thorne, Grade 4 Teacher; Caryl VanFleet, MTSS Coordinator; Aubrie Cifelli, Grade 4 Teacher


    *Election by ballot took place on June 2nd, 2021.


    Please view our School Improvement Plan on Indistar.  


    Indistar is a web-based tool that guides our school team in charting its improvement and managing the continuous improvement process.
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    password:  GuestS15538
    Meeting agendas will be posted on the School Improvement Team calendar at least two days prior to the meeting. They will generally follow this format: 


    • Teams gather pertinent data for sharing. Place a shareable link on the SIP Agenda to your data share information labeling with your grade level and name of the data set. 


    • K-5 SIP leaders will report grade level standards mastery rates data monthly and share grade level strategies to increase standards mastery rates. 
    • K-5 SIP leaders will report grade level proficiency data from Fundations,  mClass and Achieve monthly and share grade level strategies to increase proficiency levels. 
    • K-5 SIP leaders will report grade level Educator’s Handbook data monthly and share grade level strategies to reduce the number of grade level incidents monthly. 
    • Principal/Asst. Principal will share Digicoach Data and offer strategies to increase observable actions.  
    • School Counselor will share attendance data and SST referral data and suggest strategies for improvement. 
    • Team will confer and make decisions on matters of schoolwide aligned to the goals.


    • All stakeholders will share and use the discussions to deplore new strategies, continue strategies making gains, and to support the whole child development of academic and behavior core expectations.  

    If you'd like to provide feedback on the School Improvement Plan, please email with your suggestions, questions, or comments.


School Improvement Team Minutes – R. Homer Andrews

School Improvement Team Calendar – R. Homer Andrews