• Welcome to Mrs. Harris' 3rd Grade
    Mrs. Harris
    Room 207
    Third grade
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    Welcome to our room!
     This is my 16th year teaching.  I am originally from NY  where I taught full time for one year and was a substitute for 2 years.  I moved to Fayetteville, NC where I taught 5th grade for a year.  I have been at Andrews for 12 years now and I can honestly say I have found my "home." During my time at Andrews, I have taught 3rd and 4th grades.  
    I earned my bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from St. Thomas Aquinas College in NY and my master's in Literacy Education at Adelphi University in NY.
    Shortly after moving to Burlington, I met the man who is now my husband and we have a 3 year-old son and a dog (who doesn't know he is a dog!).  
    Since having my son, I have truly learned that trusting anyone with your child is one of the hardest things that you will ever do as a parent.  Thank you for trusting me with your most valuable possession.   I promise to treat your child with dignity and respect.  I promise to challenge your child and teach him/her how to solve problems.  I promise that everyday your child will learn something new.  Some days may be more challenging than others, but we will learn, grow and overcome any challenge that we face. I promise to help your child find the confidence to be a leader in the classroom through  "Leader In Me."  
    What is "Leader in Me?"  This is not a program.  It is not one of those things that you will hear about in August and never again.  "Leader In Me" teaches us all how to develop the leadership skills that are in all of us.  There are 7 habits that we will be discussing and more importantly, LIVING!  My goal is to get your child to be a confident, knowledgeable individual who will be able work successfully with others in school and in life. 
        Your child will have reading each night and an optional math assignment.  When your child gets home at night talk to him or her about the day.   You might want to ask questions such as: tell me what you liked in math, reading?  What special did you have today?  Did you get to work with anyone today?  Keep it positive.  When you are excited and show interest, your child will show more interest and excitement about school.
            I have an open door policy, so if you would like to come and visit the classroom you are always welcome.  I do ask that you sign in with the front office, as is the school policy.  I would also ask that if you have a concern about anything that you direct it towards me first and then towards Mrs. Robinson and finally central office.  Many times, I am able to clear up any concerns that you may have without having to involve Mrs. Robinson or central office.  Of course, if you feel that your concerns have not been cleared up, then I would be happy to go with you and talk to the principal. 
      WISH LIST:
         Jump ropes and balls for recess.  Please write on the items "Harris" so that we know they are ours and they don't get lost. 
         Card stock paper for centers
         Large bottles of soap to refill the smaller bottles as they run out.
        construction paper
        Your time and talents!