• Lunch Prepay

    • Have you ever wondered how much money is in your child’s lunch account?
    • Have you ever wanted to see what your child has been eating each day?
    • Have you ever wished you didn’t have to worry about writing a check or sending cash in
      an envelope for your child’s lunch?
    • Have you wanted to pay for your child’s lunches by credit card?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, we now have the program designed for you!!!! The  Lunch Prepay program will allow you to make secure payments on your child’s lunch account, review their recent meal history, and review their current balance at your convenience. LunchPrepay is owned and operated by Education Management Systems, an outside company. If you are interested in this program, please visit our website at www.abss.k12.nc.us and click on the Lunch Prepay link or you may go directly to www.lunchprepay.com. Simply follow the instructions and you will have access to a new tool for payment and monitoring your child’s lunch accounts.

    Any parent who enrolls a student in the lunch prepay plan will need the student's ID number. This student ID number is the same number your student is using in the cafeteria. The student ID number can be made available to a parent or guardian upon presentation of some form of personal identification such as a drivers license. This presentation must be made in person by the parent or guardian to a school cafeteria manager, a school Data coordinator, or to the Child Nutrition Accounting Manager at the Central Office. It should also be noted that student ID numbers are already available on student report cards and class schedules.