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    Ms. Fogleman 
    Room D-7
    Hello!  I have been teaching math at Southern for sixteen years now.  I enjoy working with students to help them reach their math goals, whether math is their favorite or least favorite subject.  My hope is that all students leave my class with a better understanding and appreciation of mathematics and its role in their lives.

    **Fall 2020 INFORMATION**

    What a crazy way to start the school year!  I really hate that we are not able to meet in person at this time, but I am committed to making sure that all students have the opportunity to learn and grow during this time.  We will pace ourselves and ease into the learning process.  We will take time to make sure students are familiar with the technology that we are using and make frequent contact with parents and students to offer support.  Always feel free to contact me through email or the school phone number any time!
    Supplies for Foundations of Math 1:
    • I have printed off a packet of materials for the FOM1 class and that is available in the Media Center at SAHS.  If it is possible, please pick that up during supply distribution times.  (See SAHS homepage for days and times)  Let me know if picking up materials is not possible.
    • Unless students have their own personal laptop that no one else uses, I do recommend that students come and check out a laptop from school. It just prevents a lot of issues that can arise at home when computers have to be shared, software that is compatible with ABSS virtual learning, etc....
    • A 3 ring binder.  A recycled one from last year will work just fine.  :)  Any size will work.
    • Paper
    • PENCILS with erasers