• Welcome to my website!
    Ms. Fogleman 
    Room D-7
    Hello!  I have been teaching math at Southern for thirteen years now.  I enjoy working with students to help them reach their math goals, whether math is their favorite or least favorite subject.  My hope is that all students leave my class with a better understanding and appreciation of mathematics and its role in their lives.
  • We will use an online website this year, IXL,  in our math classes to enhance our math program.  IXL is website designed to allow students to practice math skills and receive immediate feedback to tell them if they got the problem right or wrong.  The program allows students proficient in a concept to move on to more challenging material, and gives students struggling with a concept extra practice problems with examples to guide them to proficiency.   We will use IXL in class, and any assignments not completed can be completed at home, or before/after school in the classroom.  Some IXL assignments will be participation grades and other IXL assignments will be classroom assignments.  

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