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2nd Block Civics and Economics (Honors)

3rd Block Civics and Economics (Honors)

4th Block Civics and Economics (Honors)

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  • Honors Civics & Economics covers the course material in greater complexity, acceleration and/or pacing, and reflects a differentiated curriculum. Honors students should learn to express and defend their ideas while learning to accept constructive criticism with maturity.
  • In order to excel, students need self-motivation and a strong work ethic.  Students should expect reading homework each night and are expected to come to class prepared to discuss the reading in detail. Class time is devoted to student-generated discussion of the reading, not teacher “explanation” of the text.
  • I will incorporate opportunities for students to become reflective thinkers who possess the potential to put their learning and accomplishments into useful practice. I also hope to explore areas of interest within the designated course of study that have real-life meaning.

Course Description:

  • The purpose of studying Civics and Economics is so that the student will be able to learn the skills and knowledge that are necessary to become a better-rounded citizen.  Students will be encouraged to think critically, to make decisions and to reason clearly.  They will be expected to locate and use varied sources of information.  Information obtained in this class is extremely important for any United States History Course. 

Course Requirements:

  • Chromebook:  Each student will be assigned a Chromebook and is expected to charge it every day in its proper location.  Students are also expected to be on task while using Chromebooks (no games, social media, other class assignments).  Failure to do this can lead to loss of computer privileges.
  • Textbooks: Students will not receive a Civics textbook.  However, one can be checked out upon student request. 
  • Class/ Homework: Class and homework will be assigned daily.  Most Class/Homework assignments will be located in the Unit Packets.  A few assignments will come outside the packet, but most are in the packet.  Packets will be due the day after tests.  The class agenda will be posted daily on the board along with the class learning objective.  We will also watch CNN 10 nearly every day and students are required to complete a worksheet that will be turned in at the end of the week.  If a student misses a day of CNN 10, it is their responsibility to either watch at home, Homeroom, or come in to B-7 during a scheduled time with the teacher.
  • Tests/Quizzes: There will be several tests and quizzes given throughout the year including a state issued final exam.  Students will be required to compose constructed responses on class tests and on the state issued final exam.  All tests and quizzes will be submitted online through Canvas. 
  • Performance Task:  Many other assignments will be graded by student performance.  We will have class projects, presentations, SmartBoard activities, research, online activities, etc.  DBQs (Document Based Questions) will also be assigned each quarter.  Students will be given an essay question with a variety of topics pertaining to the question.  We will go into extreme detail what is to be expected with DBQs.


Grading Policy:








Course Schedule

  • Unit  1 – Foundations of American Government
  • Unit  2 – The US Government, Pt. 1
  • Unit  3 – The US GovernmentPt. 2
  • Unit  4 – Democracy and Participation
  • Unit  5 – US Law
  • Unit  6 – Financial Literacy
  • Unit  7 – Microeconomics
  • Unit  8 – Macroeconomics & Global Issues


Honor Code: All assignments are given with the understanding that each individual will complete that assignment in an honest manner.  Anyone caught cheating or plagiarizing will receive an automatic grade of “0” for that particular assignment.  Actions in terms of discipline will be assessed individually.  Group Work means just that – everyone in the group contributes, and all group members are responsible for understanding the information.



  • Office Hours: 8AM - 9:45AM Daily 
  • Tutoring: Any student who has missing assignments and/or is having difficulty in class must attend tutoring. ­
  • Course Updates: I will communicate with students/parents through EMAIL, REMIND APP, and CANVAS CALENDAR



  • Material Access: Where are the learning materials (Modules, etc.)?
  • Organizational Method: How are they organized?
  • Expectations: What is expected from the student?


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