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    Ms. Scott
    Health Science Education
    Room E 4
    Health Science I is a prerequisite of Health Science II.
    Health Science II is open to 20 students.
    Health Science II is a prerequisite of Nursing Fundamentals which has the CNA component.
    Nursing Fundamentals is open to 10 students only. An application must be submitted to be considered for this program.
    Students are chosen based on GPA, attendance, and behavior.

        Students and parents, supply lists are located under ANNOUNCEMENTS.. I encourage you to frequently visit this page. I will post power points so that you can download, copy or review from. If you can print these at home in advance of class, it will be very beneficial to you during lecture. We cover a lot of material! The print can be set to print 6 slides to a page. Ask me if you do not know how!