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    2018-Southern Alamance Middle School-Graham-NC
    Color Fun Run Fundraiser for the PE department equipment needs and Athletic Boosters
    Dear Southern Alamance Middle School Families,
    Southern Alamance Middle School is introducing a new fundraising program called My School Color Run.  
    The My School Color Run program aims to go beyond traditional fund raising. Rather than sell goods, 
    this program aims to engage the entire student body in a fitness initiative that aims to instill a life-long 
    healthy way of living.
    We’re extremely excited about the launch of the My School Color Run Program at our school. We’re 
    looking forward to involving our entire student body and faculty in a fun and healthy program. We want 
    to engage the entire community to get involved.  Family members, neighbors, and friends are welcome to join in!
    Date:  May 12 (Rain date is May 19)
    Check in time: 8am-9am
    Start time:  immediately following check in
    Where:  Park in Southern High School parking lot.  We will be using the cross country course at the high school.
    Mrs. Robin Duggins
    Gymnasium and Mobile Unit #3 (Health) & #5 (Fitness Trailer)
    6th-8th Grade Physical Education and Health & Volleyball Coach
    Email: robin_duggins@abss.k12.nc.us
    Extension: N/A


    Welcome to our Physical Education and Health Department!  This site is where you will be able to find needed information regarding our class.  If you have questions about when we have health, I will post those dates on the announcements page.  If I assign work to your class, that information can be found under the assignments section.
    I hold high expectations for my students when it comes to learning how to be a healthy individual.  We will cover not only the fitness/nutrition part of health, but also mental/emotional health, consumer/personal health, interpersonal communication, drugs/alcohol, and reproductive health.
    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at school.  Email is the most effective way to communicate with me.  I check that at least once a day.