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    2019 - SAMS Athletic Booster Club - Graham, NC

    Click link to register for our May 11 Color Splash Fun Run sponsored by our SMS Athletic Boosters!  https://secure.getactivefundraising.com/event/2019---SAMS-Athletic-Booster-Club---Graham-NC 

    Parents:  You or your child can't make it that day?  But you want to support our school and PE department anyway?  Whether running or not, click the link below and set up a pledge page for your child. 

    Wk. 2 Health Nutrition
    9/11/18:  See "ANNOUNCEMENTS" to catch up on any notes for your binders.  The warm-up questions are there in a document so you can attempt to answer them in your binder.  You are responsible for making up your binder warmups and notes when you are absent.
    UPDATE:   A huge shout out to all who ordered from our Fancloth fundraising efforts!  We made $483!  We hope you enjoy your spirit wear!  Can't wait to see everyone wearing it supporting your school!
    Welcome to a new school year!
    FORMS:  Your child will receive 3 forms on the first day of school for you and your child to sign and return.
    1.  RULES/GUIDELINES:  This form should answer most questions you may have for this class.
    2.  HEALTH FORM (English) (Spanish):  You will fill two of these.....one for the nurse (white copy) which should be in the stack your child gets from his/her homeroom teacher and one from us which will YELLOW.  The YELLOW one should be returned to us.
    3.   7TH & 8TH: REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH ("sex ed") permission form. 
          6TH grade:  Permission Form (Sex Ed.)
    1.  1/2 inch binder with loose leaf paper.  (Would be helpful to either bring dividers or sticky filing tabs.)
    2.  2 pocket folder
    COMMUNICATION:  This is for the whole PE department.  We will use this to send out information pertinent to the whole department.  Parents AND students may sign up to receive these REMIND messages.
    Please sign up using this REMIND code:  @7ebehb. 
    Additionally, for Duggins' classe only, please sign up for your grade level to get specific reminds from me (Duggins) pertaining to your child's particular class:
    6th:  @93adfe
    7th:  @4hfc6d
    8th:  @8ck8e4  
    If you've used REMIND before and have the app, all you have to do is "join a class" and type in the code.
    If you do not have the app, text the above code to this number in the "to:" field:  81010
    We will go over all of these forms, including what's acceptable wear for class.  We are looking forward to a great school year!
    Mrs. Robin Duggins
    Gymnasium and Mobile Unit #3 (Health) & #5 (Fitness Trailer)
    6th-8th Grade Physical Education and Health & Volleyball Coach
    Email: robin_duggins@abss.k12.nc.us
    Extension: N/A


    Welcome to our Physical Education and Health Department!  This site is where you will be able to find needed information regarding our class.  If you have questions about when we have health, I will post on the REMIND messages.  
    I hold high expectations for my students when it comes to learning how to be a healthy individual.  We will cover not only the fitness/nutrition part of health, but also mental/emotional health, consumer/personal health, interpersonal communication, drugs/alcohol, and reproductive health.
    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at school.  Email is the most effective way to communicate with me.  I check that at least once a day.