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    Sandra Johnson
    Room 202



    This is my 31st year of teaching.  I am a proud Magna cum Laude Graduate of East Carolina University.  My Major was Middle Grades Education with a concentration in Math and Science.  I am highly qualified in Math and Science and am AIG certified.  I have previously taught in Greene County, NC and Guilford County, NC.  I have taught here at Southern MIddle School since 2005.  I love teaching sixth graders and helping them make a solid transition from elementary school to middle school.  We will have an amazing year together.  Please contact me with any concerns or questions at any time.

    All needed information for my students will be in their math notebook.  They just need a 1 inch three ring binder and notebook paper.  We will only use their online canvas course for unit tests.  I will activate helpful notes in the canvas course but they will also have an assigned textbook for math class.  They will want to purchase a scientific calculator to bring to class daily.  We will not always use the calculator but instructions will be clear when it is and is NOT allowed for use.