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    Ms. Harper
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    I have been teaching at Williams since Fall 2010, and love being a Bulldog!  My goal is to help teachers and students be successful using information and technology.  It is interesting to think about how much technology has changed since I've been at Williams. 

    Why did I decide to become a librarian?  I like books, helping people, and learning things, so working in a high school library is my dream job!
    I became a librarian because I know education (and books) can change lives - access to good teachers and resources changed my grandfather's life.  Even though he had a pretty terrible childhood, he did have access to education, and teachers who cared about him.  He read every book in his high school library.  After WWII he went to UNC-CH on hard work and the GI Bill - he became a lawyer, arguing before the United States Supreme Court.  Education has always been important in my family, and we all love to read. Both of my grandmothers were teachers - one graduated from Elon way back in 1943.
    So far this year I've read 105 books.  I've read several e-books from May Memorial Library, and free iBooks that I've downloaded.  If you want to learn more about e-books, I'll be glad to show you how you can check them out from the WWHS Library, May Memorial, or find bargains online.  If you have recommendations for books you think would be good for the WWHS Library to get digitally, let me know!  
    Besides books, I love Carolina basketball, Boxers (best breed), North Carolina (I'm a 5th+ generation Tar Heel), the Appalachian mountains, and recipes.   
    BA Elon University 2005
    MAT UNC-CH 2007
    MSLS UNC-CH 2010