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    Ms. Miller
    Eighth Grade Math
    School Phone: 336-538-6010
    Email: kari_miller@abss.k12.nc.us


    Welcome to 8th grade math! I am excited to be apart of your journey through the 8th grade. This is my Fourth year teaching math at Western. It is also my third year teaching and living in North Carolina. In Math class we will be learning a lot of things that you might have heard of, know of, or have no idea what I am talking about  and that's completely ok! It is my job to be your tour guide through this process in which we call math and I am excited to be that tour guide! If you ever have any questions or concerns don't be afraid to come to me for help, that is what I am essentially here for! You all have very powerful minds that with hard work and determination you can reach any goal that you put your mind to! I hope that we have a great year in math!

    "Pure mathematics is the world's best game.  It is more absorbing than chess, more of a gamble than poker, and lasts longer than Monopoly.  It's free.  It can be played anywhere - Archimedes did it in a bathtub." ~Richard J. Trudeau, Dots and Lines