Welcome to 8th grade Science! sciencelogo  
    Mrs. SzmurigaRichard  **Room 602**
    (336) 538-6010

    10/30/2017 Parents and Students-  Please check your grades online, they have been updated to what should appear on your report card at the end of the week.  Please be advised if you did not complete your elemental pictogram then your grade was severely reduced, this item was a project grade for the first quarter.  The elemental pictogram was due on Friday, October 20th. 

    Some things you all should know about class:

    Grades, Percentages and Categories:

    The online grade book is updated at least every three weeks. Class work which consists of notebook and labs count 25%, projects count 20%, quizzes and tests count 35%, and homework which consists of vocabulary and weekly homework counts 15% towards the final grade. It is very easy to pass my class with an “A” as long as assignments are quality and turned in on time. Quizzes will be given every Friday and are based on that week’s learning, with a few “throwback” questions as well. Making time to study will be important!

    Homework Policy: 

    My homework policy is simple; homework is due on the assigned date and I will not accept late work. I understand that there can be extenuating circumstances once in a while and I will take these into consideration as the situation arises. All homework and vocabulary for the week is assigned on Monday, and due on Friday. I will take up the entire notebook and it will be graded and handed back by the end of the day.  Weekly homework assignments can be located on my webpage.


    I also assign several labor-intensive projects throughout the year because I feel that these provide a more complete learning experience. Please note that no project will be assigned without written instructions!  Instructions to all projects when assigned can be located in the files section of this web page.