• Eastlawn Elementary provides a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) that offers three tiers of support depending on the student’s needs with increasingly more intensive intervention with strategies and techniques that are proven effective in research. Students at Eastlawn Elementary who demonstrate academic or behavioral needs receive support through interventions targeting specific skills.  Students enter the process at Tier I, where concerns of the parent and teacher are shared and addressed in a more informal manner.  Should the student not demonstrate expected growth or response to that additional layer of support, they progress to Tier II.  At Tier II, informal consultation with school staff occurs and interventions targeting specific skills are put in place.  If a student then demonstrates continued need for additional support, Tier III is implemented.  At this level, the MTSS staff puts a specific intervention in place and closely monitors the student’s progress towards established goals.  Tier III consists of three ‘phases’, or changes in the intervention, before a student is considered for entitlement services.