• gatorsphere    All sorts of SmartBoard "stuff"

    100s of animated clipart pics for your

    Smartboard search engine
    - a Google search
    took that only finds Smartboard lessons!!

    So you've got a Smartboard....here's what you can do to get started using it!


    Video alternatives to YouTube
    - great collection of education videos from other than YouTube

    Great game show game making templates.


    -Click your grade level and student or teacher view (teacher view lets you reveal answers) for a quick reading, math and other
    quick starts for morning work!

    Daily Starters


    ShowMe-teachers record their smartboard
    lessons on tons of searchable topics. Great
    for a review or presentation ideas. OR email the video to aparent for examples they could use helping with homework.!

    Make your own online games!

    Teach Hub
    -65 whiteboard resources/lessons


    Cool skills reviews and movies-
    scroll down that page!

    Quizville- math, language,
    geography review games.

    Link Up-connect the missing pieces
    to the category topper. Would be cool for a "factors of..." game, words to use instead of, traits of this book character, etc.

    Smartboard "how to's", ready made lessons and great interactive websites.

    More Smart templates and activities