• History of Western Middle

    Our school began in the late 1970s with the combining of sixth  through eighth graders from Altamahaw-Ossippee Elementary and Elon  Middle Schools. The first principal was the educational visionary  Wilma Parrish. Mrs. Parrish treated the school like her second  home and her students and staff like an extended family. Under  Mrs. Parrish's leadership, the school gained attention in national  education circles for being a place where innovation combined with  great teaching, an active community, and motivated youngsters.


    From the environment in our school came our school motto  "Creating the Future Together." Teachers and schools cannot do it  on their own, after all parents are their children's first  teachers. The Western Middle School staff continue to acknowledge  the pivotal role that families play in the educational and overall  success of our students.


    After her retirement, Mrs. Parrish continued to provide  inspiration and encouragement to Western Middle School through the  veteran teachers that worked under her leadership. To recognize  the impact she made on Western Middle, the staff voted to name the  newest wing to our school "The Wilma Parrish Wing." In the spring  of 1999, the school board approved this request.

    Sadly, Mrs. Parrish passed away on Friday, February 11, 2000.


    Mrs. Parrish was employed in education for 32 years in the Alamance County School System. She was our school's first principal. While she was principal, Western Middle was named one of the top four middle schools in the nation.

    Mrs. Parrish was awarded the Principal of the Year Award in 1986. Other recognition she received includes: Regional Principal of the Year, the Allen Keith Lucas Friend of Children Award from the N.C. Child Care Association, and the C. Kenneth McEwin Distinguished Service Award.

    Parrish Painting  

    This portrait adorns the entranceway to the Wilma Parrish wing of Western Middle. This wing is a lasting legacy to the great educator that lead our school in its first years and oversaw the designing of the main building.