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Children's Library      

 Barnes and Noble online stories




Pick a story

1001 Stories- choose 1 and listen

Story Bee- Click your age range
and pick a story

Reading Games

Listen to a story read by a famous actor or actress!

Scale of the Universe.
Use the slide
at the bottom, and click on any image

Cool Science Stuff!


Fact Monster

Funny picture collage maker


Figure This has math
challenges for the family to solve together


NatGeofor Kids

Shows and tells what a word means!

Make some music or mix someone else's!


Do you know how to
manage your money
in the alien world?
Try Aunty Math's
Daily word problem challenge.
Try one of the past challenge problems.

Tec Cart 

Math Playground

Type in your spelling words and get quizzed or play other spelling games at Spelling City or 

Practice PlaceValue

Lots of great review games


 Multiplication and
Division Practice

FE Kid's Learning Games

Quiz Tree- pick a subject
and see what you know!

Planet Pals

Make a math problem or


Smithsonian Kids has great virtual exhibits

Agriculture in theClassroom
Learn about how food gets from the farm

How Stuff Works! Find out howEVERYTHING works!

Learn about animals with RangerRick!

US info.


At the R.I.F site, you can read stories,make poems and stories and play games.

Stop the Clock! Practice telling time.

Learn to spend money wisely and save for your future at SavingsQuest!
Native American Links
Paint with silk!

Paint with flames!

Paint with sand (push c
to change sand colors

Wake the elephant (like Red Remover- but with animals)

Wake the elephant 2- Wild West

NatGeo Kids

Cool games from
the Children's Museum

Launch It

Make music with
drum machine

NASA space gamesfor kids

Can you fix the Rube Goldberg 
lunch machine?

Food Pyramid Game

Great Games Collection!


Check out the "KIDS' TANK" at the NC Aquarium.

How far can you get
in Math Millionaire?
Visit The .GOV site to watch
videos about current events.

Synonym Toast- toast the matching words!

WEATHER Activities and info!

has some great
activities and links.

 Have fun in the Hobby Shop,canoe down a river,

or other stuff at Know It All.


The American Museum
of Natural History
great online activities for
young scientists.
Math Mysteries   to read and solve online!
PoetryFun listen to, read andcreate funny poems




Free Rice- learn words 
    Or try a different 
Free Rice quiz 
in math, science,
and more!
Create using Crayola tools
Goldridge Games page
Science Fun 
Artist's Toolkit-create a work of art.
Guess the habitat game.

Ocean/animals games


Ball Drop Music Maker

Power Up

Try a Word Game
or a Math Game

Make art or 
play art games

Vocabulary Sushi-word game 

Space Games

More space games

Makemusic with TEMPO

Check out all of NASA's cool space stuff!


Pick a game

Make words

Practice  your times tables

Buy It--counting
money game.

Money Desk-can you make the amount of money they ask for?

Can you solve the MuseumMystery?

Math Games

Scholastic has a fun section of games and activities for kids.
Keep up on what's going on in the world with current events news from: 
Scholastic News

Time for kids

Burlington Times-News  
NC Wiseowl has great NC websites, links and a citiation machine.
Have fun and make new animals at the 
Make numbers with 10s and 1s

Catch and make ten!

ALL THE ANSWERS- to anything you ever wondered about!
Need to do some research?
Try Grolier online.
Word Games- feed the robot.