• Here at Elon Elementary, we know our students will RISE to the expectations!!
    Student Setting and Expectations Bus 
    Car Hall  Cafeteria  Restroom Classroom
     Playground  Assembly
    -Control Voice
    -Remain Seated
    -Pick up trash
    -Book bags closed
    -Keep hands & feet to self
    -Stand near cones
    -Follow adult directions
    -Keep hands and feet to self
    -Keep to the right
    -Quiet zone
    -Inside voices
    -Throw away trash
    -Raise hand for help
    -Have card ready
     -Wait your turn
    -Keep walls clean
    -Keep floors clean
    -Wash hands and turn off water
     -Follow procedures
    -Enter/ exit quietly
    -Be prepared
    -Turn in work
    -Throw away trash in can
     -Use equipment properly
    -Put equipment away/return it when done
    -Enter building quietly
     -Remain seated
    -Enter/exit silently
    -Listen to speaker
    -Applaud softly
    -Be on time
    -Know what you need
    -Load quickly
    -Listen to driver
    -Spot your car
    -Be an example
    -Move quickly
    -Keep area clean
    -Keep halls clean
    -Stay in line
    -Smile and wave
     -Wait patiently
    -Take only what you need
    -Use manners
    -Know procedure
     -Use one paper
    -Use one squirt of soap
    -Take turns
    -Keep area clean
     -Try your best
    -Know expectations
     -Line up promptly
    -Be a good sport 
    -Wear proper attire
     -Pay attention to speaker and the topic
    -Control your body
     -Listen to driver
    -Control voices
    -Stay seated
    -Hands and feet to self
     -Remain in designated area
    -Walk behind cones
    -Sit until name is called
    -Quiet Zone
    -Face Forward
     -Avoid sharing food/drinks
    -Stay seated
    -Push in chairs
     -Wash hands
    -Put trash in can
    -Keep floor dry
     -Raise hands
    -Keep chair legs on floor
    -Use materials correctly
     -Wear appropriate clothes/shoes
    -Leave mulch on ground
    -Stay in assigned area
    -Keep hands and feet to self
    -Wait for teacher directions
     -Watch for your stop
    -Face forward
     -Listen for name
    -Eyes on captain
     -Smile and wave
    -Face forward
     -Use manners
    -Have lunch money/card ready
    -Have all utensils
     -Use only when necessary
    -"In and out"
     -Look, listen, and learn
    -Quiet voices
    -Stay on task
     -Be active
    -Use kind words
     -Eyes on speaker
    -Watch for signals

Student Setting & Expectations