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    This entire page and content of the page was created by me, Caroline Belle Isle.  During my Senior year, I decided to make a web page on the school website of Eastern Alamance High School's 50th Anniversary for my graduation project.  I started out photographing the celebration game and moved to editing the photographs and then creating this page.  My original plan and really my only disappointment was that I was not able to document the entire year and all the events that would be going on with the alumni.  This was due to the fact that my project was due at the end of the first semester.  The reason I chose to create a website and for my main highlight to be a series of pictures is simple.  Creating and capturing memories is my passion.  Taking a picture is the only way you can really truly hold in your hand, a moment in time.  It is the best way to look back on things and remember, whether it be good or bad.  As long as you have that picture in your hand, you will never forget.