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    Welcome to 8th grade Math and Math 1 
        Cathy Wall
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        8th grade Math 
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        Email: catherine_wall@abss.k12.nc.us
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    Desmos Graphing Calc-NC Test Version  

     Desmos Graphing Calculator-NC Test Version


     This is my eighth year at Hawfields.  I will be teaching one section of 8th grade math and three sections of Math 1.  The Math 1 curriculum includes more advanced components of Algebra/Functions as well as a unit on Geometry and a unit on Statistics.  The 8th grade curriculum includes an extensive introduction to Algebra, Functions, and Geometry and a small unit on Statistics.  

    Each week, I will update Power School and Google Classroom with homework for all classes.   If homework is a handout, that will also be noted and a copy will be placed in Google Classroom. The "Handouts" tab on my webpage has PowerPoint notes that can help with homework.  They are listed in alphabetical order.   Also, check out the "On-line Resources" tab for links to sites that can help answer homework questions (Purple Math, Khan Academy) and provide additional practice through math games (Thatquiz.org).  I strongly encourage students to practice the concepts.  Study Island and IXL are excellent resources that we will use throughout the year.
    Supplies:   Pencils, pencils, pencils.   Pencils and notebook paper are important daily requirements for math class.  Be sure your student replenishes their personal supply of paper and pencils each nine weeks.  Suggested supplies include:

    notebook paper
    8th grade math class :  composition book for notes, folder with pockets and brads 
    Math 1 class: 1-inch, 3 ring binder with dividers for notes and handouts

    Math 1 Calculator:  The school will supply graphing calculators that can be used in class but students can not take them home.  As we move into more complex problems later in the year, the Math 1 students may find a graphing calculator useful for homework.  The TI-84 should be sufficient up to high school Calculus.  As students become more comfortable with the TI-84 calculator this year, the transition into Math 2 next year will be much easier.   Students can also use a TI-83.  There is also a graphing calculator app on many cell phones.  They can't use their cell phone at school but this will help with homework.
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