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    6th Grade  7th Grade   8th Grade
    Joe Little   Dayson Pasion 
    Heather Newberry  Rory Kuhns   


     6th Grade  7th Grade  8th Grade
     Scientific Method  Scientific Method  Matter: Property and Change/ Energy Conservation and Transfer*
    Earth in the Universe (Solar System) Earth: Systems, Structure, and Processes (Weather)   Molecular Biology*
    Energy Conservation and Transfer  Structure and Function of Living Organisms (Cells, Protists, Organ Systems)  Structure and Function of Living Organisms (Disease and Human Health)*
     Forces and Motion (Light and Sound) Evolution and Genetics (Cellular Reproduction and Inheritance)  Earth History*
     Matter: Properties and Change (the Atom)  Forces and Motion Evolution and Genetics* 
     Earth: Systems, Structures and Processes (Rocks) Energy Conservation and Transfer   Hydrosphere*
     Earth: Systems, Structures and Processes (Volcanoes)   *Please remember that the scientific method, biotechnology, ecosystems, and healthy living will be interwoven throughout all units this year.   
    Structure and Function of Living Organisms (Plants)