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    Mr. Chiwahn J. Walden, Music Teacher/Ensembles Director
    HRE Trailer 1 ("PRIDE ROCK")
    Phone: (336) 578-0177 x267


    Hello and welcome, students, families, teachers, and friends!
    I am Mr. Walden, music teacher/director for Haw River Elementary School. This is my sixth year at Haw River and my 18th year teaching music. I LOVE being a part of the Haw River family and I'm very excited about all the great things to come concerning music at our school this year! :-)
    If you have not already done so, I encourage you (and your child) to connect with me and the your child's other teachers by way of ClassDojo! This is an online program/Smartphone app that allows you to stay informed on how and what they are doing in their classes every day! Several of our teachers and I have been using it in our classrooms over the past couple of years, and now we are using it school-wide at Haw River Elementary. Check with me or your child's homeroom teacher for more details on how to sign up!
    If you ever have any questions about things going on with HRE Music or even just want to say "Hi," please feel free to send me a message on ClassDojo or an e-mail at my address above. Have a wonderful day!
    * Theme for Haw River Elementary School Music Program - 2017-2018 School Year:  BIRTH OF A MASTERPIECE!