• Ms. Beverly Litten
    Welcome to Computer Skills and Applications!
                                                                                                  Ms. Beverly Litten
                                                                                                           Room 101
                                                                                  Career and Technical Education Grades 6-8
                                                                                     Email: beverly_litten@abss.k12.nc.us



     Computer Skills and Applications- Course Number  BU10

    6th Grade- In the 6th grade, the students only have my class for nine weeks.  This time is spent learning the correct posture and technique for keyboarding.  They learn the correct fingering for the keyboard so that they will be able to type faster and with more accuracy.  This skill will be valuable once they enter the working world, as many of today's jobs require some form of computer skills.

    7th Grade- 7th graders learn the proper methods of keyboarding and begin to increase their speed and accuracy.  The students spend approximately 6 weeks learning to use the Microsoft Office software- Word.  They learn how to use the software, format business letters and how to enhance documents. The 7th graders will also spend several weeks learning about Digital Literacy.  They will explore the world of technology by completing modules in the program Ignition, provided by Everfi, free of charge to us. It will cover areas of making good choices when purchasing a computer, social networking, web pages, and using the network to promote events.  The 7th graders remain in my classroom for an entire semester.
    8th Grade- The 8th graders are ready for more challenging tasks.  Their curriculum consists of  Microsoft Publishing, PowerPoint, Access, and Excel.  They will be learning presentation skills, graphic and advertising skills, and how to create items to promote their business.  They will also learn how to create a spreadsheet in Excel, including different types of charts to help others visualize the data they are presenting.   These skills will be a major boost to their qualifications on their resume when they apply for jobs in today's demanding market.