Great Job Megan! You've kept on pace with your online class with an "A"...VERY PROUD OF YOU! Happy 17th!Megan
    Ms. Koon
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    Hello and Welcome to CTEC! We are so excited to have everyone here this year. My name is Ms. Koon, and I am the Electronic Learning Facilitator (we are also called "DLA's" for Distance Learning Advisor -- this was our former title) for CTEC.
    I've had the pleasure of being with CTEC since our doors opened.
    We believe in public education...and I have 2 children  in ABSS. One is in high school, and the other is in elementary.
    I strongly encourage parents/guardians to take part in the online learning process. Part of my job is make sure parents/guardians understand how online learning works...so please feel free to ask any questions. It will benefit you and your student. There are many wonderful pieces of online learning that are new and innovative, and also require dedication and time management. We will go over this more once we start. Again...welcome!
  • SPRING 2016
    Allison Crawford
    Exam 25% of final
    9-15 Units will be open for you to retake
    May 20 is the deadline to take your final
    Dr. Carrie Jones
    May 20
    90 Minutes To Take
    11:59 deadline
    No Exam
    Review Pacing Guide
    The exam is open from now (5/10) until 5/20. Students are encouraged to review 16.
    3/23/2016- Parents, Guardians, and Students..just a reminder that NCVPS, and Edgenuity do NOT have Spring Breaks. Students are expected to continue working through Spring Break. If there are any issues (ie. going out of the country) please let your online instructor and myself know ASAP. Thanks! Ms. Koon 
    12/4/2015- Parents, Guardians, and Students please read....
    I have created a Google Doc that contains the examination and project dates due for online instructors as our semester winds to an end (can you believe it?). You should already have this information in your "Getting Started". However, to have another point of reference, a SHARED google document has been created for students to access and find their instructor. You do however, have to check it through your school gmail.
    If students are home..and cannot access an assignment..please check to see that your Java is updated..it is free and just takes a few minutes:-).
    For some of our mixed media content that hasn't been displaying Softchalk, there are "fixes" we can do on our side. If you are home, working on your computer, and get to a place where it is not opening up for you..here's your solutions:
    Internet Explorer
    MOST of our LMS (Learning Management Systems) run best on Firefox. You can download this for free (the updates above are free as well) on your home computer if it is not already there.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask as always!
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