• atom Emily Murphy

    6th Grade Science
     Room 205


    Welcome to the 2017- 2018 school year!  Our school theme is ."Creating Our Future".  I am looking forward to all of the GREAT things that we are going to experience this year!   I am excited to be a member of the "Seekers" team.  In science, we will be covering the topics of our Sun, Earth and Moon, Energy and Transfer, Forces and motion, Properties of Matter, Earth Systems, Structure and function of Living Organisms and Ecosystems. 
    Science is my passion and I hope to pass it on to my students.  I believe in hands-on inquiry based learning.  We will be doing labs in class throughout the year.   I moved here to North Carolina in the summer of 2007.  I have taught eleven years of science.  Last year This is my sixth year here at Turrentine.  I am looking forward to teaching sixth grade again this year.  I have a wonderful outlook for this year to come.  I also look forward to meeting you and your child.
    This nine weeks, we are going to start allowing the students be more accountable for their work and actions.  We are going to require each student to have their planner signed every Monday or the first day of that week back.   This will allow parents to see all homework for each day, up-coming tests, if there were any discipline problems or positive behavior for the child.  This will also allow parents to write questions, set up a meeting or any other concerns they may want to address.  Thank you for your support in this process.