Mrs. Navarre  
    Mrs. Navarre's Third Grade Classroom
    Pleasant Grove Elementary School
    Room 8
         My name is Ali Navarre.  I am originally from upstate New York, but I moved to North Carolina 17 years ago.  I have lived in many beautiful parts of this state including the Outer Banks, Wilmington, Carrboro, and Mebane.  My husband, a Durham police sergeant, and I just celebrated our 7th anniversary and our son, Thomas', third birthday.  We also have two cats, William and #2. 
         I am excited to be starting my fifth year at PGE and my 12th year teaching overall.  I am excited to be teaching third grade again this year.  In my teaching career, I have taught five years of 4th grade, one year in first and second grade, and am starting my fifth year in third.  This year is going to be full of amazing learning.  We are going to read interesting books, conduct science experiments, explore multiplication, and learn about local government.  We will also embark on fun field trips.  I can't wait to take this journey with my students and parents.
    October Skills
                                  -Author's Purpose
                                        -Text Structure 
                             How you can practice these skills at home:
                                    After students do their nightly reading...
                                                   - ask your child WHY the author wrote the text (to entertain, to persuade, to inform)
                                                           -discuss how the author organized the text
                                                             Click on link for more information:   Type of Text Structure 
             Writing: We are currently using the writing process to compose personal narratives.
                                        - writing process
                                        - editing skills
                                        - organizing our writing into paragraphs
               Math:  We will be learning the connection between multiplication and division. We will also begin discussing area and the distributive property.
                                        -What is division?
                                        - How are multiplication and division related?
                                        - How can we find the area of a rectangle using multiplication?
                                        -What is the distributive property?     12 x 6 = 10 x6 + 2 x 6 
                                  How you can practice these skills at home:
                                        - students should begin memorizing higher facts like their 6, 7, and 8's
                                       George has some buckets. Each bucket has 5 tennis balls. He has 15 tennis balls in all. How many buckets does he have?
                                             Jerry planted 2 rows of flowers. Every row has some flowers. He planted 20 flowers in all. How many rows of flowers did he plant? 
            Social Studies:  Not taught in October

              Science: Unit 1- Solar System


                                    - what causes shadows and how do shadows change?
                                    - the planets in our solar system
                                    - constellations and myths