• What is Art                                                                                                                                       painter                                                         
    When in art (at school or virtually at home) students at E.M. Yoder Elementary School get to enjoy art class each week for 40 minutes. 
     Exciting art lessons and activities may include:
    • Learning about the history of art from different regions of the world through visual observation. 

    • Looking at ways that artists use the elements of art and principles of design to create artworks that communicate through a visual language.
    • Studying unique cultural artists and their personal style of creating art.

    • Experimenting with various media and tools to allow for individual expression. 

    • Exploring new art techniques with a hands on approach in order for students to apply what they learn to their own work.

    • Problem solving, making critical choices and realizing that there are many different solutions in the creative process. 



    K-5 classes will also focus on Global Art that was and is still created by various artists from different regions of the world. Each grade level will study a specific culture and continent. 
    Kindergarten- Australia
    1st grade-Asia
    2nd grade-South America
    3rd grade-Africa
    4th grade-Europe
    5th grade-North America
     Image result for world map of the seven continents | Continents ...           


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