Ms. Nancy McCurry      
    Room 7
    EC Resource teacher  Email:nancy_mccurry@abss.k12.nc.us 
     I am thrilled to return to Grove Park Elementary to serve our students for my tenth year at GPE. 
    My goal this year is to access all skills of the students by targeting skill deficits and giving them support to access the regular education curriculum. 
    I will be providing lessons for reading and math remotely through Google classroom.
    I will also be consulting with regular edcuation teachers and joining in weekly on their Zoom sessions to support grade level concepts. 
    I hope to be able to support each individual student to be their very best! Please feel free to contact me in regards to any concerns or if you would like to share information with me about your child.
    I want to give the students the tools to be successful and feel proud of what they are learning!