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    Seniors who did not have their photos taken over the summer will have make-up photos taken in the Williams High School cafeteria BY APPOINTMENT ONLY on Friday, November 6, and on Friday, November 13.

    Seniors will sign up for an appointment online with an appointment-booking site.


    Seniors who want to appear in the yearbook must have appointments at one of these two times; there is no cost to have your picture taken for the yearbook. However, families will have the option to purchase copies of the photos if they would like to.

    We are not offering tux and drapes photos this year due to Covid; we do not want to share tux and drapes between anyone. Seniors should dress in the teenage equivalent of "Business casual." Don't wear suits or evening gowns, but button shirts and khakis or a nice dress might work. Wear something, in short, that will make you look your best when you send your senior photos to grandparents. I would personally NOT wear a t-shirt and jeans.