• RvsD  
    From October 22 – October 30, 2012:
    1.    Go to www.youthleadership.net
    2.    Click on the image in the center of the screen
    3.    Read the welcome page and click  START
    4.    Enter your Teacher Code and click  CONTINUE
    Your teacher code is: NC0584-002 (Select Mr. Vernon to load the correct ballot)
    5.    Enter your name.
    6.    Select your grade level and click  CONTINUE
    7.    Select your U.S. Congressional District and click  CONTINUE
    (Do not use the “find your district” feature.  This is based on the 2000 Census)
    8.    Make sure you have the correct ballot for your school and then make a selection for each office and issue. Click  CAST BALLOT when finished
    9.    Wait while your vote is being recorded
    10.    Click  DONE once your vote has been recorded