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    My name is Tracey Higgins. I am the School Social Worker/ Child and Family Team Leader at Graham Middle School.

     Please feel free to contact me at 336-570-6460 ext. 35008 or by email: tracey_higgins@k12.nc.us

    When Do School Social Workers Get Involved?

    School Social Workers help students through early identification, prevention, intervention, counseling and support.


    School Social Workers are involved when students display:

    * Poor Attendance
    * Failing Grades
    * Effects of Family Crisis
    * Emotional and behavioral concerns such as: fighting, negative attitude toward school, refusal to cooperate with adults, depression, or substance abuse
    * Unmet basic needs

    School Social Workers employ the following methods in providing assistance:

    * Assessment
    * Crisis Intervention
    * Home Visits
    * Conflict Resolution
    * Individual & Group Counseling
    * Consultation
    * Program Development
    * Coordination of School and Community Services