Highland Hawk's Nest
    Before and After School Program for Highland Elementary School
    Daycare Registration
    At this time, we are waiting on district information in order to determine if we will have a Highland Daycare for the 2021-2022 school year.

    Please pre-register if you would like to hold a place for your child if we do have daycare in 2021-22.

    2021-2022 School Year 


    • Once it is determined if we will offer daycare, we will contact parents on the Pre-Registration List to provide them with a link to officially register.
    • Please also fill out the ABSS Addendum Form.

    Step 3:  WAITING LIST

    • If you have been informed that your child's grade level is at capacity, you may fill out the WAITING LIST (to be linked at a later date) to place your child's name on the waiting list. 
    • When a spot becomes available, we will call you to see if you are still interested in our daycare.
    Hawk's Nest Handbook


    We would like to welcome you and your child to our Highland Hawk’s Nest! This is a joint effort between Highland Elementary School and the Alamance Burlington School System to provide safe and enjoyable childcare for your family. The program will consist of a variety of recreational activities, snack time, field trips, and scheduled homework time.

    Please take the time to read this, as it encompasses the information needed for you and your child to understand our programs’ policies. With each year, we gain experience and continue to strive to make available the best care for your child. Therefore, you may find some slight changes in our policies. To give you a better understanding of our program, we have listed below a number of important points of emphasis. We appreciate you as part of the Highland family and for allowing us to care for your child.

    *Please note that this handbook is updated regularly as needs arise.  Please refer to this online copy as it is the most up-to-date.



    The purpose of Highland Hawk’s Nest is to provide a safe, enjoyable, and well-supervised environment for Highland students, kindergarten through fifth grade both prior to, and after, school hours. All children are welcome without any discrimination; however, if a child cannot function safely as outlined by our rules, he or she may not be allowed to continue in our program.



    The program is located in the gymnasium, cafeteria, and outdoor playground area. At all times, parents will pick up their child by using the first driveway to the right and circle the cul-de-sac. A member of our daycare will meet you at your car. In the event a staff member is not at the post, please come in and sign your child out.



    We will provide a snack and beverage to each child daily. If your child is unable to eat certain snacks or would like seconds, they may bring a snack from home. On full teacher workdays, we will also serve a very light breakfast; however students need to pack their lunches on full teacher workdays. Please alert us on the application form of any food allergies your child has.



    “Early Bird” care will begin drop off at 6:20am. We will provide care until 7:20am and then escort your child to the cafeteria for breakfast. Breakfast is optional and your child’s lunch account will be charged accordingly. Please see the breakfast/lunch menus from our cafeteria for selections and process. Parents are required to walk their child in for early bird and sign them in with the daycare staff member.

    “Hawk’s Nest”, the after school care begins promptly when school is dismissed at 2:35pm and runs until 6:00pm.



    The daycare registration operates on a first come/first served basis.  This applies to ABSS employees as well.  Children who have siblings already in the program are not guaranteed enrollment.  Each student's school discipline record will be considered prior to approving a student to register in the Highland Daycare.  Students with office discipline referrals will be reviewed for consideration.  Students with any suspensions will not be approved.  

    You must complete and the online registration form (see link above) and sign the payment guidelines with the first payment before we officially enroll your child.  



    To ensure all children arrive and depart safely, parents are REQUIRED to come into the facility and sign their child in for Early Bird and sign their child out. For sign out, parents will remain in vehicles and a counselor will escort your child to your car for sign out.  Valid ID will be required to pick your child up from daycare. 

    Late Pick Ups:  Any parent arriving late will be required to pay $1 per minute that they are late picking up their child.  After 3 incidents of late pick up, the child will be suspended from the program for 1 week.  After 3 additional incidences students will be removed from the program.  



    We open on workdays at 7:00am and close promptly at 6:00pm. We also operate on early release workdays. You will receive information about any off campus field tripa. We will provide breakfast and snacks for your child on full workdays; however, you will need to pack your child a lunch and a beverage. We will not operate on any holidays when the school is not in session.

    Cost for Early Release and Teacher Workdays are below:

    Early Release        $10/day (plus additional fee if a field trip is planned)

    Teacher Workday   $15/day (plus additional fee if a field trip is planned)



    We usually plan field trips away from our campus on full teacher workdays and will provide you with information regarding the trips in advance. Students need to pack a lunch and drink for all field trips, unless otherwise noted.  Also, we will ask you to sign an intent form stating if your child plans to attend the field trip or not. A child may only attend if he/she is in good financial/behavioral standing.



    In the event of any school delays for inclement weather or any other reason, the daycare will operate according to the decisions made by our Superintendent. If school closes for inclement weather, the daycare will not operate.  If there is a delay in the school start time due to inclement weather, we will also delay the start for “Early Bird” care. You must still walk your child in on delayed days and sign them in. If you are not part of the “Early Bird” program, you may not drop your child off during delayed starting times.

    If there is a cancellation of the school day, the daycare will not operate and a Connect-Ed phone call will go out to all households. You may also locate information on the ABSS website at www.abss.k12.nc.us as well as WFMY New 2 or FOX 8.

    School delay of:

    Highland doors will open:

    Early Bird will open:

    1 hour



    2 hours



    3 hours





    Student Conduct & Highland Daycare Program

    Appropriate behavior is required for students to remain in the Highland Daycare Program. Expectations for student behavior are the same as expectations during the school day.  These expectations are detailed in the ABSS Student Code of Conduct, and are distributed to all students at the beginning of each school year.

    Minor incidents will be handled by the counselors.  Parents will be alerted to any problems or patterns of misbehavior through this Daycare Discipline Referral Form, phone call, or conference.  Repeated behaviors or patterns of misbehavior may also be referred to the director and/or our assistant principal or principal.  Possible consequences for misbehavior are listed below. 

    Possible Consequences

    • Sits with Counselor
    • Sits with Director
    • Conference with Student
    • Parent Contact
    • Loss of Privilege
    • Suspension From Daycare   
    • Other (will be noted on this Daycare Discipline Referral Form)                                                     

    In the event of a serious infraction, suspension from the Highland Daycare Program may be necessary for either a short term or permanent timeframe.  Suspension from the program means that the student will not be allowed to participate in the Early Bird or After School Care program for the duration of the suspension.  After three documented incidences, your child may be removed from the program for the remainder of the school year.  

    Payment/fees are not refunded for the period of a suspension.  If a student is removed from the program for the remainder of the school year, the parent will be refunded any money that has been paid for any time after the student has been removed from the program.  The parent will be given a 5 day grace period before the student is officially removed so that the parent can make other arrangements for the student. During the grace period, the student will be removed from group activities.



    If your child needs medication during the time he/she is in the after school program, written permission, and instructions from your medical doctor are required. You may obtain a medication form from the school nurse or from the school office.



    All students must be toilet trained prior to enrolling in the Highland Daycare Program.



    We will provide an accident report to you in the case of injury. In case of injury or illness, we will notify the parent. If we are unable to reach parents, we will notify a relative or friend that you list on the application form.



    If you elect to withdraw your child, you must turn in an AFTERSCHOOL CARE TERMINATION NOTICE. These may be obtained in the school office, from the daycare director or counselor or online. We require a two-week notice for all withdrawals.  Without a withdrawal note, charges will continue to accrue to your account.

    If you wish to change your child’s status (example part-time to full time), you must complete a CHANGE OF STATUS REQUEST. This, too may be obtained in the school office, from the daycare director or counselor or online. You may only change your child’s status one time during the current school year.



    Daycare Rates for 2019-2020 School Year are as follows:  (We will update with rates for 2021-22 as they become available.)

    Morning Care       $30/month

    Afternoon Care     $180/month

    Morning/Afternoon Care  $200/month

    Part-Time Rate      $100/month

    Early Release        $10/day (plus additional fee if a field trip is planned)

    Teacher Workday   $15/day (plus additional fee if a field trip is planned)

    See the ABSS Addendum to Afterschool Care Rules and Regulations. It is very important you follow the guidelines outlined to have your child remain in our program. Please sign, date, and return this form in with your registration form.

    All monthly payments are due by the 1st of every month unless the 1st falls on a holiday or week-end.  Again, all monthly payments are due on the 1st of every month.



    If you have a NSF check you are required to contact CHECKredi at 1-800-239-1222.


    Thank you for allowing us the privilege to serve your child.

    Hollis Wroblewski, Principal

    Erin Millspaugh, Assistant Principal

    Wendy Goras, Daycare Director