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    3:30pm - 5:00pm       
    Wednesdays and Fridays or by appointment.
    Room G4       Fall 2015 Schedule  
                                                                    2nd & 3rd - SPA 3      4th - FRE 1
               My name is Carey Griffin, simply known as "Profe" or "Prof" to my students, and I look forward to being your child's World Language Teacher.
               I love languages and speak 4 of them myself. I learned French for 8 years in my younger years and then I lived in Spain for two years. In addition, I've spent time in Japan learning Japanese. I've been teaching in one form or another since 2008. Your children are in good hands. 
              Let me also say, however, that High School Spanish and French are not easy courses. A love of learning will be the greatest asset to your child. Some command of English grammar and spelling are essential, so it may be worth it to put Spanish and French I off until sophomore year for some students when they have a stronger work ethic in place and some High School English classes under their belt. That is perfectly okay. 
              But if you're visiting my small little webpage, it may be that your child is already in the middle of my course. I'm glad to have him or her. If they need extra help or their grade drops below an 75, please e-mail me so that we can discuss a plan to help them. I am always early to school and I stay after Wednesdays and Fridays until 5pm.  
    In addition, here are some websites to help your child out:
    www.quizlet.com      Here you can find ready made vocab lists and online flashcards by typing in the chapter or unit be are on. For SPA I, preface each search with SAHS Spanish. For SPA II, preface each search with Realidades 2. For Spanish III/IV, also search SAHS Spanish and please join my the appropriate class. For FRE I, search SAHS French I. This is also an app for smart phones. If a parent signs a piece of paper saying that their son or daughter has used quizlet for 30-45 minutes, I will provide some extra credit points.
    www.duolingo.com      This is a free online language learning application similar to Rosetta Stone. This is used for long term homework.
    www.senorjordan.com      A great site with video explanations of grammar concepts by a Spanish Teacher. 
    www.studyspanish.com      Written grammar explanations on all grammar concepts. Also contains practice with each concept. 
    NOTE: Google Translate is considered plagerism and will be treated as such. In addition, it does not help your student. 
  • Dear Parent/Student,
    If you want to know what assignments are coming up, please send me an e-mail at Carey_Griffin@abss.k12.nc.us
    I have everything planned, but I prefer direct communication. That being said, if enough parents/students start sending me e-mails about upcoming assignments, I will start posting them to this site.
    Carey "Profe" Griffin 
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