Missed Freshmen Orientation? 
    Need to Know:


    -       Supply lists are generally given the first day of school in each class 

    -       Schedule pick up will be at Open House, Aug. 22, 4-6:30.

    -       Bus routes will be available on Aug. 22 as well.

    -       Our school runs a 4-block schedule, 90 min. per block.  You will need to remember that tardies accumulate.  Be to school and to your classes on time.  You need to transition from class to class quickly. Be here by 8:00 am each day.  School ends at 3:15 pm each day.

    -       We have 3 lunches, and students are assigned by location of 3rd period class. Your third block teacher will tell you which lunch you have on the 1st day of school.  

    -       First day:  report to homeroom, which is called “Advisory.”  Your advisory assignment will be posted according to your last name on outside of school building on or before Aug. 26, just in case you don’t pick up your schedule on Aug. 22 or you forget which advisory you have.  Another copy of schedule will be handed out once in advisory on first day.

    -       All freshmen will be assigned a student mentor to assist them with whatever they need or any questions they may have throughout the year. 

    -       Student planners will be distributed by the first day of school.  These are used for HW recording and as hall passes, just like at GMS.

    -       Car rider drop-off and pick-up in the afternoon is in the GYM LOT, not in front of the school. 

    -       Dress code:  Cover shoulder to shoulder, neck to knee.  No headwear.