• Hello Husky Families,

         After a great summer of professional development I have decided to change the way I present my curriculum and the way students make art. This year I will be starting with our Teaching Artistic Behavior-Choice Based ideology. You can find information about it and a link to their website below. I do ask for your understanding that this is something new for all of us, so be patient with your child's progress. I am hoping, however, that your child will come to love this new way of teaching and develop a since of ownership over their art. 

    Essential elements:

    • The student is the artist
    • Students control subject matter, materials, approach
    • Student beliefs drive work
    • Students are self-motivated
    • Experimentation and mistakes are honored

    Results: personal work and deep learning (Teaching Artistic Behavior, 2017)

    See the resources at the following link for more information: 

    With this new way of running Art, I also have a new way of grading. I want to make sure parents are aware of this new policy. As I am watching students working in class they are to be in any of the following engaged strategies: Inspire, Design, Create or Reflection. If a student is accomplishing the 12 expectations outlined in the chart below, they are truly engaged in the learning process.

    There are three possible grades, 98 (Engaged), 78 (Compliant) and 0 (Disengaged). Students will receive one grade each week which will be an average of each class periods' level of engagement. So in the gradebook each week an assignment named Engagement # will be entered. Students are aware of these expectations and understand that their level of engagement will be reflected in their grade.



    Also if you feel the need or want to help out with classroom needs and supplies, I never turn away freebies, because we can always use them:
    - Paper towels
    - big button up shirts (paint shirts)
    - hand soap (unscented)
    - hand sanitizer (unscented)
    - wooden pencils - erasers
    - old house paint samples
    - sharpies
    - colored pencils
    - markers
    Here's to a great year,  
    Amanda Aguayo Adams
    336-438-4000 ext. 35319