• Work Ethic!
    Señorita Webb
    Mobile #4
    Grades 6-8
    Email: megan_webb@abss.k12.nc.us

    This is my 16th year teaching Spanish at the middle school level and my sixth year here at Turrentine Middle School. I taught a few short months at Eastern Alamance High School in the Spring of 2013 and before that, I taught 10 years at Smith Middle School in Chapel Hill.  I have led six student trips abroad to Mexico, Costa Rica, France, and Belgium which were life-changing experiences for the students and myself. I enjoy inspiring in my students a love of learning languages and teaching them to appreciate new cultures. Hopefully, my students will continue their language learning journey through high school and beyond.  


    It is really important that students come to class ready to LEARN equipped with a positive and willing attitude. Learning a language can be a scary process.  Embracing new experiences and taking risks in the world language classroom will greatly increase a student's ability to be successful.

    A good work ethic is expected for a student to do well in this and all of his/her classes. The quote I have listed below outlines my philosophy on success, so if your child wants to be successful, hard work is a key factor in achieving that success.
    Work Ethic seems to be universally accepted as one of the most important factors contributing to one’s success. The harder you work – the more successful you’ll be.  (http://www.movemequotes.com/top-25-work-ethic-quotes/)
    This is How We Do It at Turrentine and in my classroom:
    Listen up T-Middle; this is no riddle
    Engaged learners we will be
    Respectful, responsible, contribute to a safe, 
    Positive, learning community
    Our goals are set high
    We can reach 'em if we try
    Our dreams they will come true
    Working together
    To all become better
    At Turrentine Middle School