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    Highland's Student Support Services Team

    School Nurse:  Kristin Wiggins (at Highland full-time)

    • Manages the school health program through evaluation, planning, implementation, & coordination

    • Identifies the health care needs of students and the availability of health services/resources (e.g., screenings, sick and injured students during the school day)

    • Develops emergency care plans and individual health plans for students with chronic illness

    • Reduces incidence of health-related absenteeism and/or impaired learning (eg, immunization compliance)

    • Collaborates with school staff, and medical and other professionals

    • Provides education to students, families, and staff about health concerns

    • Advocates for students with health concerns in the school setting

    • Educates the school and community about healthcare issues (prevention and safety concerns)

    • Oversees medication administration during the school day

    • Available to staff for consultation (blood pressure, etc.)

    School Counselor:  Mychaela Williams (at Highland full time)

    To address the academic, personal/social, and career needs of our students, consultation with teachers, parents, and administrators; individual counseling; group counseling; and classroom counseling lessons will be scheduled.  My goal is to help students return to the learning environment equipped with strategies to overcome barriers to their academic success. 


    School counseling core curriculum

    - instruction – direct instruction, team teaching, developing learning activities

    - group activities – planned activities outside the classroom promoting academic, career or social/emotional development

    Individual student planning

    - appraisal – assist students in evaluating interests abilities, skills and achievement

    - advisement – assist students in goal setting based on academic, career and social/emotional data

    Responsive services

    - counseling – in individual or small group settings school counselors provide planned, short-term and goal-focused counseling. School counselors do not provide therapy or long-term counseling in schools. However, school counselors are prepared to recognize and respond to student mental health needs and assist students and families seeking resources.

    - crisis response – provide support and assistance to students and families as they navigate crisis and emergency situations

    Consultation – share strategies supporting student achievement with parents, teachers, other educators and community organizations

    Collaboration – work with other educators, parents and the community to support student achievement

    Referrals – support for students and families to school or community resources for additional assistance and information

     School Social Worker:  Samii Foster (at Highland full-time)

    As a liaison between home, school, and community, the SSW provides direct and indirect services to students, families, and school personnel to promote and support student’s academic and social success:

    • Coordinate Child and Family Team meetings

    • Coordinate services for students and families with agencies such as mental health

    • Department of Social Services, juvenile court, and community charities

    • Consultation to faculty and staff on homelessness, abuse & neglect, parental support, attendance

    • Advocate for student needs (school supplies, clothing, food)

    • Assess student needs through interviews, home visits, and record reviews

    • Provide individual counseling and support

    • Monitors attendance (compulsory attendance law)



    School Psychologist:  Charli Cunningham (at Highland part-time)

    School psychologists are specially trained to work with students, families, and educators by meeting both educational and mental health needs in schools. They assist teachers, parents, and students in understanding, preventing, and addressing learning, behavioral, developmental, and emotional difficulties.  Although school psychologists are within the Exceptional Children department in ABSS, they are often included in the SSST since they work in close collaboration with the members. 



    *In keeping with ethical standards, we keep in confidence personally identifiable information regarding students and/or their family members that has been obtained in the course of professional service, unless disclosure is required or permitted by law or professional standards, or is necessary for the personal safety of the student or others.*


    If you have a student who is involved in outside mental or physical health services,
    please let us know.