Welcome to Earth/Environmental Science!  Please watch the video as an introduction to this class. 
    As we move through this nine weeks of virtual learning, please refer to this page for any special announcements.
    We will be using Canvas during the 2020-2021 school year.  Assignments, powerpoints, notes, readings, etc. will all be posted
    and completed there.  I know you may feel hesitant about using Canvas, or you may be feeling a little overwhelmed if you are
    not familiar with using it.  Please do not feel alone.  This is the first time I have used Canvas myself and I am having to learn
    how to use it along with you.  Don't worry!  We are all going to make it through this!  I know the content.  I know what I need
    to teach you.  Let's work together and have a great semester!   
    If you need to contact me about anything, please use the email below and do not hesitate to reach out.  I cannot know you have
    a question or need help if you do not let me know!  
    I check my email about three times a day during this time away from you.
    I will be sending out an email this week detailing my office hours, schedule, and supply list.
    Monday we will begin online learning through Canvas.
    Please check back here throughout this week for further instructions.
    I look forward to meeting each of you face-to-face and working with each of you as we navigate
    this new type of learning together.