Mrs. Dixon's Website    2020-2021
    Welcome to my webpage!  My name is Kirstie Dixon and this is my 7th year teaching at North Graham.  This is my 27th of the teaching experience.  I have worn many hats here at NGE.  My first five years here I was co-teaching 5th grade Science and I taught the 4th RTA reading students.  I really loved it!  Last year I jumped into what was needed and went back to being a classroom teacher in a 4th/5th combination class.  That was a challenge.  This year I am a remediation teacher.  This means that I will work with small groups of students for reading support.  I am so excited!  Even though this year is starting out strange,  I know we can all pull together and make it a great one!
    Be Kind, Be Brave, Be You!
    Room 134