• Guitar  Mr. Jackson
                               Welcome to my


    Hello! My name is Kelly Jackson and I am the music teacher at North Graham.     We are all very excited that NGE is now an A+ School! A+ is all about infusing elements of the Arts like Music, Drama, Visual Art and more into classroom learning. Wondering what that looks like in the classroom? Come visit our school and see A+ in action!
    A little bit about me:   I went to Appalachian State University where I earned my BA in Music Education as an NC Teaching Fellow. After graduating from ASU, I moved to Boston, MA where I worked for 4 years as an afterschool program coordinator, music teacher and professional musician. I have been a singer my whole life and I have been playing guitar for almost 15 years now. When I am not teaching and playing music I love to build things, hike and go camping. I believe that nothing in this world is more powerful than music and I want to share my love of music with others so that they may feel the same joy it gives me each day. 
                                                    Music is Awesome!